Celebrate with Birth Stones

Birthstones originated in biblical times and continue to span time and traditions. It is believed that stones carry cosmic alignment and may be worn to enhance, balance, and pacify attributes of an individual. This auspicious relationship between the stars and stones works synergistically fortifying the wearer. Although we often associate one particular stone as the month's birthstone, in truth there are often many beneficial stones depending on the date of birth as well as the intention to enhance the gift properties of a constellation or pacify challenges. Birthstones make a wonderful gift not only on birthdays but anytime one wants to connect with the stars.


Scorpio’s watery depths invite contemplation, intensity, and intimacy. They have a yearning for soul-level transformation, and their passion, strategic mindset, and inquisitiveness fuel their journey. The sensitivity that defines them makes them attuned to the power of crystal therapy. For Scorpios, gemstones that provide grounding, soothing effects, and uplifting vibes are highly beneficial. These precious stones stabilize emotions, facilitate transformation, encourage adaptability, and enhance their innate allure.

  • Scorpio

    • Dates: October 22-November 22
    • Season: Late Autumn
    • Planet: Mars / Pluto
    • Element: Water
    • Principle: Fixed
    • Symbols: Scorpion
    • Chakra: Sacral
    • Body Correspondence: Reproductive
    • Vital Force: Yin
  • Birth Stones

    • Citrine
    • Golden Sapphire
    • Smokey Quartz
    • Rhodochrosite
    • Opal
    • Black Pearl
    • Aquamarine
    • Tanzanite
    • Amethyst
    • Labradorite
    • Shungite
    • Black Tourmaline

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