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Pink Tourmaline Mala

Pink Tourmaline Mala

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Stunning, elegant, and playful: 108 smooth Pink Tourmaline beads. A beautiful ally in protecting one's heart and supporting the flowering of self-love.

Approximately 41” long. Invisible bead and hoop clasp.

Can be worn as a single or double necklace or wrap-around bracelet. 

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An eccentric stone of grounding and protection, this silicate mineral is a marvelous healer of the physical body aiding the immune and nervous systems while bolstering energy, removing blockages, and dispelling fear and wounding. It is believed to balance left and right sides of the brain, connect root and heart chakras, and attract confidence, self-worth, and prosperity.


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Malas are traditionally a string of prayer beads used to chant the many names of God Goddess. Their sequence of 108 beads is an auspicious number representing the wholeness of existence in many spiritual traditions. A number that connects the sun, moon, and earth, and even corresponds to the points of life force energy in the human body. These gemstone garlands may be used for mantra practice or simply worn in adoration of the great mystery to which we all belong. Like a vibrational prayer on the body, they serve to bring one into self-resonance and wholeness.  


You can layer Malas with coordinating or contrasting rainbow drops, alohi drops, Kane strands, rainbow mana, and rainbow leis to empasize color and structural differences or similarities. They also work well aside each other as multi-strand bracelets.

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