About Amalia

Amalia took her first steps on the historically rich soil of Israel. Raised by unconventional and free thinking parents, Amalia was supported in trusting her heart would lead her way. A colorful and adventurous childhood flared up her aesthetic and cultural curiosity and exposed her to some rich and flavorful corners of the planet. 

Her footsteps took her through the markets of Marrakesh & Bali, the hillsides and high mountains of Switzerland & France, the cultural jewels of Europe, the awesome wonders of the Egyptian Sinai Desert and the Red Sea, the miraculous ancient beauties of Jordan, ecstatic Jamaica & the jungles of Central America. Of special importance on her path is India, where Amalia has formed family style relationships with the wonderful artisans who hand make and supply her gems and gold, and whose commitment to quality spans several generations of genuine excellence. 

After her first India Journey Amalia’s path led her back to Israel where love at first sight led her to her partner and father of her three exquisite children.

Amalia & her family now call Kauai, properly named ~ the garden island ~ their home. A garden of fruit trees, vegetables and flowers ornament her home and studio where magic is made.

A collective of inspiration from her past & the humbling beauty of the island's gifts are visually seen in the glow of her pieces.

But, the Love & the Beauty that comes from Amalia's heart as a partner, a mother, a sister, a friend is what one feels when adorned in her jewels. It is a gift handed over from her to you. An extension of her warmth which leaves you feeling held and seen. A medicine piece in its own way.

Thank you for pausing and getting to know a little more about the artist behind the work. The gracious nature of her recipients forever inspires, and for that, she is grateful to you. From Amalia's heart to yours ~ may beauty surround & blessings follow wherever you may be...........