Necklace Info


 ~ Wear & Care ~

Your jewels are carefully strung and knotted with fine quality nylon silk and are meant to be worn and enjoyed as you wish. Although the thread is strong, natural wear and friction may cause the string to fray. Gemstones are also delicate crystals that have potential to fracture or break. Tender loving care will only extend the lifetime of your chosen piece.  

Earrings require delicate handling when opening and closing to avoid bending or damaging their shape.  

For the hand made gold clasp, please open them by opening them sideways rather than out. This will ensure that they will not come undone. 

Please note that Gold is a soft metal. This makes is susceptible to dings, scratches, and dents. Chlorine is gold’s worst enemy. Make sure to take your jewelry off before getting in a pool or spa. While it is okay to gently clean your pieces, always avoid harsh chemicals. 


~ Rainbow Drop Replacement Policy~

Many find that once they put on their Rainbow Drop they never take it off again, such is the nature of love. After years of wear a strand may break. We like to embrace the vibratory shift by selecting another piece. In rare cases a Rainbow Drop may break within the first year of wear, although most find their pieces last much longer.  If your necklace breaks within 3 months of purchase and normal wear, we will replace your Rainbow Drop free of charge after receiving the damaged necklace.

After 3 months time we offer 25% off a new Rainbow Drop necklace, after the return of the original.


~ Repair Fees ~

  • Alohi Drop $150
  • Bracelets & Anklets $150
  • Kane $250
  • Rainbow Lei Choker, Short & Medium $250
  • Ali’i & Ali’i Mana $275
  • Rainbow Mana $300
  • Rainbow Lei Long $325
  • Malas & Leis $325

~ Intention ~

To activate your gemstones we suggest taking a moment to set an intention or simply send the energy of love or gratitude their way. From time to time you may also wish to recharge or refresh your gemstones. This can be done by bathing them in the rays of the sun or moon or by briefly submerging them in wild waters.  When I gift myself or a loved one a piece of jewelry, I like to bathe it in the moonlight then hold it in my hands while setting a loving intention. This may be something you would also like to do with your special piece.  

I hope you enjoy wearing these magical gemstones and that beauty surrounds you always.

From my heart to yours,