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Necklace Info

 ~ A note for you ~

Your jewels were carefully strung and knotted with fine quality nylon silk and are meant to be worn and enjoyed as you wish. Although the thread is strong, natural wear and friction may cause the string to fray. Gemstones are also delicate crystals that have potential to fracture or break. Tender loving care will only extend the lifetime of your chosen piece.


~ Repair/Replacement Policy of Rainbow Drops~

• Gifted replacement if your piece happens to break within three months of purchase and normal wear, after the return of the damaged necklace.

After that:

• 25% off for a new rainbow drop necklace, after the return of the original.

• For other pieces please contact me for pricing.


~ Intention ~

When I gift myself or a loved one a piece of jewelry, I like to bathe it in the moonlight then hold it in my hands while setting a loving intention. It may be something you would also like to do with your special piece.

I hope you enjoy wearing these magical gemstones and that beauty surrounds you always.

From my heart to yours,