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Amethyst Ali'i Mana

Amethyst Ali'i Mana

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Mesmerizing purple Amethyst drops with solid 18K handmade gold beads. Solid 18K gold chain and lobster clasp, adjustable at 16-16.5-17" long.

| Serenity | Clarity | Transformation | Balance |

Please note that each Ali'i Mana necklace is unique and the gems may vary slightly. 

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This serene spiritually oriented quartz is renowned for bridging the material and mystical dimensions, lending a grounding presence while nourishing the third eye and crown chakras. It is said to support meditation, be of benefit to the immune system, and aid in decision making and contemplative living. Our amethyst hails from Brazil and Zambia.



The precious metal gold is considered a master healer with rays in spiritual development, purification, and rejuvenation, and has long been associated with self-actualization. Treasured for its beauty and significance, gold has an enduring appeal. All of our gold elements are designed and crafted by hand in alliance with a 9th generation gold smithing family from India.


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Ali'i Mana

This luminous line provides a substantive dose of crystalline nutrition, pulsing with elevated earth frequencies from the body of nature herself.  Designed for the noble-hearted, these regal priestess pieces are comprised of multi-dimensional drop gemstones, highlighted by handmade 18 karat gold beads. This is bling at its most blessed.


We think the Ali'i Mana make incredible solo statement pieces and are beautifully accented aside our earring collection. But as always, they may be worn in sophistication with any of our other collections such as our Rainbow Leis, malas, or bracelets.

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My passion for jewelry started with my mom's fashion shows.

I started metal smithing at Range View high school in Colorado, and went to @SCAD on a portfolio scholarship.

Obviously, I ended up being consumed with my LIFE LONG LOVE OF MUSIC AND WORDS. But my passion for jewelry has gone around the woooooorld with me.

Amalia from @rainbowgemskauai has that same deep love for gems and design. She hand makes pieces from some of the worlds BEST GEMS.

I mean LOOK AT THESE STONES you see that blue flash?... Thats a really special quality of rainbow moonstone.

I wish I had the words to describe the energy of this piece... of Amalia's pieces in general... because the earrings are reeeeeeaally special too... But just maybe one of the pieces will be yours. Special jewelry has a way of finding its owner.

Please honor this queen artist wife mother by following her @rainbowgemskauai and have a loooook. I mean who doesn't love rainbows?

India Arie