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Pink Pearl Alohi

Pink Pearl Alohi

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Stunning all natural Pink Edison Pearls with solid 18K handmade Gold and Pink Pearl beads. Approximately 17" long, secured with a solid 14K lobster clasp. 

Option #1: 13.2mm Pearl

Option #2: 11.5mm Pearl

Option #3: 10.8mm Pearl

These gorgeous pearls are one of a kind and necklaces are made to order. Please expect slight natural color variations.

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A unique, fresh water cultured pearl, Edison Keshi pearls are prized for their abundant nacre. Symbolizing timeless elegance and refinement, they are renown for their high luster and pastel palette of colors. Like all pearls, they have a strong affinity with the water element, stabilizing the spirit, and nourishing the feminine essence. These uniquely shaped pearls are highly sought after for their organic shapes, beauty, and luster. A bi-product of the culturing process, Keshi pearls are formed when an oyster expels an implanted nucleus. As a result, they are made entirely of nacre and exhibit remarkable luster.



The precious metal gold is considered a master healer with rays in spiritual development, purification, and rejuvenation, and has long been associated with self-actualization. Treasured for its beauty and significance, gold has an enduring appeal. All of our gold elements are designed and crafted by hand in alliance with a 9th generation gold smithing family from India.


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Momi Natural Pearls

Pearls stand alone as the only jewel created in partnership with a living being. Beginning as a grain of sand or other irritant in the soft body of a mollusk, the pearl materializes through a self-soothing action of repeatedly applying nacre to the foreign body until the pearl is born fully perfected. As such, they never need to be cut or polished. Contrary to common misconception, pearls are created in a variety of colors and organic shapes. Naturally they have a strong affinity with the water element and are believed to be a yin tonic stabilizing the spirit. Momi, meaning pearl, is used as a term of endearment in the Hawaiian language for a beloved. Reflecting not only their glistening beauty but the alchemy that tenderness engenders, our Momi pearls celebrate transformation of the divine feminine within.


Try layering pearls with other pearl pieces, highlighting the structural differences between varying collections, such as a pearl Alohi Drop with a pearl lei or mala.

Malas and Leis

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