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Strawberry Quartz, Garnet and Gold Ali'i

Strawberry Quartz, Garnet and Gold Ali'i

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With handcrafted 18K gold beads for all you warriors of love. Solid 18K gold chain and lobster clasp, adjustable at 16.5”, 17” and 17.5” long.

| purification | clear blockages | universal love |

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Akin to its sister stone, rose quartz, strawberry quartz is unique in its tight mineral formation. It also contains darker shades of pink, can be more opaque, and gets its color from iron oxide inclusions. It is a stone for joy, life purpose, bliss, recognition, and adoration.



So named for its resemblance to glistening pomegranate seeds (“granatum” in Latin), this richly hued gemstone hailing from Mozambique, has affinities to the goddess Persephone, and embodies courage, love, creative thinking, and self-assertion. It's warming, stimulating energy is connected to the root, solar, and heart chakras and may help with circulation, sexuality, and absorption of nutrients.


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The Ali’i were the chiefly class of rulers of ancient Hawaii, their role was to lead and care for their people and steward the land and ocean which helped to sustain them. The Ali’i collection is meant to be worn as a symbol of the generous spirit of royalty, and the understanding of self care in order to love those around you.


We think the Ali'i make incredible solo statement pieces and are beautifully accented aside our earring collection. But as always, they may be worn in sophistication with any of our other collections such as our Rainbow Leis or bracelets.


~ Earrings ~ Designed and crafted in alliance with a 9th generation... 


Upon purchasing my first Ali’I necklace, adorned with a mesmerizing blue sapphire, I was immediately drawn to its exquisite beauty. However, it was the undeniable presence of Amalia's energy, skillfully infused into the necklace, that made it truly extraordinary. 

Wearing it, I felt a sense of connection and empowerment. 

I decided to expand my collection and delve deeper into the Ali'i series. I chose five different gemstones for Ali'i necklaces, each representing one of the five elements. For the element of Metal/White, I have selected Moonstone. Emerald, a beautiful green gemstone, represents the element of Wood. To embody the element of Water/Blue, I have chosen Aquamarine and Blue Sapphire. For Fire/Red, I have opted for Pink Sapphire (or Ruby). To symbolize the element of Earth/Yellow, I have selected Pomegranate Gems and Citrine. These gemstones possess vibrant colors and distinct energies that bring a sense of balance and harmony to my personal practice. I LOVE all of my Ali'i necklaces.

Amalia is a person who radiates warmth and inspiration. Her passion for her craft is evident in every piece she creates, and it is this genuine enthusiasm that makes her jewelry even more special. With Amalia, it's not just about owning a beautiful piece; it's about carrying a part of her spirit and passion with you. She is a gifted jewelry artist, who has not only created stunning pieces but has infused them with a unique and captivating energy that is truly remarkable.

Isabella Voldman