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Turquoise Alohi Drop

Turquoise Alohi Drop

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Turquoise with solid 18K gold beads.

Approximately 17” long, with solid 14K gold lobster clasp.

| self realization | friendship | regenerative energy | calm | communication |

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Beloved turquoise is a quintessential gem of the Americas, although it is found around the world. A stone of friendship, happiness, and health, it may be used to enhance communication, foster love and honesty in our language, aid in absorption of nutrients, promote emotional tranquility, and provide spiritual protection.



The precious metal gold is considered a master healer with rays in spiritual development, purification, and rejuvenation, and has long been associated with self-actualization. Treasured for its beauty and significance, gold has an enduring appeal. All of our gold elements are designed and crafted by hand in alliance with a 9th generation gold smithing family from India.


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Alohi Drops

Meaning shining or brilliant one, our Alohi drops showcase singular gemstones. Paired with 18k gold beads these elegant strands are striking in their simplicity. They are an exquisite way to connect with a particular gemstone and also compliment longer strands in our other collections. However you choose to wear them, their message is simple, shine on beloved.

United in a shining continuum, each strand features a center gemstone drop and includes a repeating sequence of gold with the coordinating gemstone.


You can layer Alohi drop with Rainbow Leis, Malas or any of our other collections to highlight dynamic color and textural contrast or chosen mineral emphasis.

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