Collection: ~Leo~

Lustrous and charismatic, Leo’s are natural born leaders with inherent nobility. Ruled by the sun they radiate warmth and vitality and are often bold, courageous and lion-hearted. Gemstones that reflect their warmth, will, and creative zest are of benefit, as are stones that pacify the heart and lend a soothing touch.

  • Zodiac Information

    Dates: July 21- August 20th 

    Season: Middle Summer

    Planet: Sun

    Element: Fire

    Principle:  Fixed

    Symbols: Lion, Queen, King

    Chakra: 3rd / Manipura / Solar Plexus

    Body Correspondence: Heart, Chest, Eyes

    Vital Force: Yang

  • Birth Stones

    Ruby, Garnet, Citrine, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Peridot, Gold